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Program History

States have enacted Safe Haven Laws in response to the increase in the hazardous abandonments of infants. The first Safe Haven Law was enacted in Texas in 1999 as the “Baby Moses Law.” Since then, all states have passed a Safe Heaven law to eliminate the dangers of illegal abandonment that have caused infant deaths.

In 2001, Nevada passed the Safe Haven Law. The law allows parents who cannot care for their baby, a safe option to surrender the infant without endangerment to the baby’s life or health.

Today, we continue to educate the community to allow everyone to know their rights, because not everyone knows about the Safe Haven Law.

Community partners hope to eliminate the death of infants and dangers that come with illegal infant abandonment; therefore, they continue to spread awareness by maintaining the Safe haven website and distributing Safe Haven information statewide.

Providing a haven for unwanted infants since 2001.

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