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You are not required to give any identifying information, but may do so voluntarily.


Steps to surrender your baby

A parent must personally surrender the baby in one of two ways:

  1. Physically hand the baby to one of the employees at a Safe Haven location, or
  2. Place the baby in a safe place at the Safe Haven location, and immediately call the Safe Haven location or 911 to describe where the baby was left. NOTE: Nevada law* states that if an unattended baby is harmed or injured, the Safe Haven provider is not liable for any civil damages:
    • After the baby has been left on the property and before the provider is informed of the delivery and location of the baby, or
    • Before the provider takes physical possession of the baby.

The parent surrendering the baby:

  • Is presumed to have abandoned the baby once the provider takes possession.
  • Consents to the Safe Haven provider performing all of the necessary services and care for the baby.
  • Waives any notice of the legally required hearing if he or she does not provide a contact address.
  • Understands that action will be taken to terminate his or her parental rights unless he or she contacts the local welfare agency.
  • Is not required to provide background information or a medical history, but may do so voluntarily.

Unless there is reasonable cause to believe that the baby has been abused or neglected the parent:

  1. is not be required to disclose any identifying information, but may do so voluntarily,
  2. must be allowed to leave at any time; and
  3. must not be followed.


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