Process for Safe Haven Providers Safe Haven Providers

Process for Safe Haven Providers

Per NRS 432B.630 a provider of emergency services is not liable for any civil damages as a result of any harm or injury of a child:

  • after the child is left on the property of the provider, and
  • before the provider is informed of the delivery and location of the child,
  • or before the provider takes physical possession of the child.


  1. Provide emergency medical services to the newborn within the provider’s scope of practice.
  2. If the Safe Haven provider is not an emergency medical services facility, transport or provide transportation to the nearest hospital or other emergency medical care facility such as nearest obstetric center or an independent center licensed under chapter 449 of NRS.
  3. If the parent volunteers the infant’s medical history, provide a medical history questionnaire and forward the medical history information to the emergency medical care facility where the infant will be transported.
    1.  Note: any information provided by the parent is voluntary and not required.
  4. Notify the local child welfare agency and law enforcement within 24 hours of taking possession of the infant.
  5. For law enforcement only: notify clearinghouse and investigate further, if necessary, to determine if the child has been reported as missing. Notify the child welfare agency of investigation conclusions.
  6. Whenever possible, inform the child’s parent that:
    1. By allowing the provider to take possession of the child, the parent is presumed to have abandoned the child.
    2. By failing or refusing to provide an address of contact, the parent waives any notice of the hearing to be conducted pursuant to NRS 432B.470.
    3. Unless the parent contacts the local welfare agency, action will be taken to terminate the parental rights regarding the child.

Any information provided by the parent is voluntary and not required.








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